• 1. How does Pure Garcinia Cambogia help me block unwanted fat?

    Research claims that the hydroxycitric acid (HCA) found in Garcinia Cambogia helps in making weight loss twice or even three times as effective as regular diet and exercise alone.
    The HCA extract found in Garcinia Cambogia primarily does two things: blocks fat and suppresses appetite. The supplement blocks fat by breaking down the key enzymes in your body that turn carbohydrates into fat. When the HCA enters the bloodstream, it releases citrate lyase which halts the fat building process and LDL (bad cholesterol) production. HCA also suppresses appetite via increased serotonin levels. Low serotonin levels are known to increase reactive eating, and that’s what Garcinia Cambogia targets. By increasing the serotonin levels, HCA alleviates mood and suppresses reactive eating to kick-start weight loss in your body.

  • 2. What is recommended dose?

    Take two 500 mg capsules on an empty stomach with full glass of water 30 to 60 minutes before meals 2 times daily (4 capsules serving 2000 mg per day max)

  • 3. How much weight loss can I experience from taking Pure Garcinia Cambogia?

    By taking the supplement regularly and following a minimal healthy diet plan, you can lose on an average up to 10-12 pounds. Pure Garcinia Cambogia urges users to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make exercise and good diet a part of their lifestyle to increase the efficacy of the product.

  • 4. How long should I use Pure Garcinia Cambogia for?

    For best results, it is advised that the product is given up to 90 days to show effect. Once you start realizing the benefits, you can take it for a maximum of 6 months

  • 5. Are any side effect identified by taking Pure Garcinia Cambogia?

    Since this is a completely natural product, there is no side effect if taken as prescribed and combined with a healthy diet and exercise regime. If the maximum dosage is increased, there have been minor cases of nausea, digestive tract pain or headaches.

  • 6. Is Pure Garcinia Cambogia safe to take when pregnant or nursing?

    We do not recommend taking this product in case you are pregnant, diabetic, nursing, or have Alzheimer’s, or other forms of dementia, or take a statin.

  • 7. I have kidney disease. Can I consume Pure Garcinia Cambogia?

    As with any dietary and health supplement, you need to first consult with your doctor on the efficacy of Pure Garcinia Cambogia with your existing condition or line of treatment followed. If you are suffering from kidney disease, there is no known side effect of the product with the treatment.

  • 8. How long should I take Pure Garcinia Cambogia to see the result?

    Controlled studies show that the effectiveness of Pure Garcinia Cambogia starts showing within 30 days or 4 weeks of prescribed consumption. This duration is adequate to see visible weight loss results.

  • 9. How do I know if Pure Garcinia Cambogia is showing the right results?

    The natural ingredients of the product have the ability to suppress appetite and bring about a sense of well-being to the user. It controls any eating urges brought about by stress, anxiety or emotional upheaval. This way it won't make you feel hungrier for a prolonged period of time.

  • 10. Are there any drugs or medication that cannot be consumed with Pure Garcinia Cambogia?

    Since it is a product made from natural ingredients, Pure Garcinia Cambogia is safe for use as a dietary supplement. However, we urge you to consult with your physician to verify if it will be good to use with any existing condition or illness or will it be safe to consume with existing line of treatment

  • 11. What makes Pure Garcinia Cambogia score higher than other supplements aimed at losing weight?

    The unique formulation of Pure Garcinia Cambogia provides you the maximum Pure Garcinia Cambogia (2000mg) and Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA (60%). Since this is the basic fat busting ingredient, it is way more effective than other products that contain as less as just half this amount. So to see the same amount of result of 1 bottle of Pure Garcinia Cambogia, you would need to invest in two bottles of a similar product. This is the key benefit offered by Pure Garcinia Cambogia as compared to other similar products.

  • 12. Does the product lead to any side effect?

    There are no known side effects associated with Pure Garcinia Cambogia. If taken in a prescribed format every day and if dosage doesn't exceed the prescription then you won’t have any side effects from Pure Garcinia Cambogia.In case where the dosage exceeds the prescribed, it might lead to upset stomach, headaches or mild nausea.

  • 14. What is the volume composition of each bottle of Pure Garcinia Cambogia?

    A bottle of Pure Garcinia Cambogia contains 90 capsules, each of 500mg of purest Garcinia Cambogia bean extract.

  • 15. Is Pure Garcinia Cambogia good to be consumed by both men and women?

    Pure Garcinia Cambogia has been proven to be equally effective for both men and women. As with other dietary supplements.

  • 16. How does Pure Garcinia Cambogia help suppress my appetite?

    A daily dosage of Pure Garcinia Cambogia Cambogia contains 2000mg of the purest bean extract of Garcinia Cambogia. This supplies the optimal amount of Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) compound. This not only keeps you feeling fuller for longer but also prevents fat from accumulating in your body. Thus it serves the dual purpose of suppressing craving for food and providing a feeling of total well-being from within you.

  • 17. What will happen if I discontinue Pure Garcinia Cambogia?

    Being just a dietary supplement to aid you in your weight loss endeavor, Pure Garcinia Cambogia continues showing its effect till the time you maintain a disciplined yet healthy lifestyle. Of course, if you stop the moderate exercise and diet changes along with the product, you are bound to pile on additional weight. Once you stop the pills and the bad eating habits continue your health will not remain as good. Your sugar intake will continue to be high and extra weight comes back. Thus it is critical that you maintain a positive outlook towards life aided by exercise and diet and a little help from Pure Garcinia Cambogia.

  • 18. Who should not take this product?

    If you are a high blood pressure patient, are diabetic, are pregnant, are nursing, or are afflicted with any form of dementia including Alzheimer’s or consume station, you should not take Pure Garcinia Cambogia Cambogia. For other forms of the physical or mental condition, do make it a point to consult with your doctor or pediatrician before commencing with the intake of this product. As is the case with any diet supplement, it should not be consumed by pregnant women or children below 18 years of age.

  • 19. Is it Gluten free?

    Yes . Pure Garcinia Cambogia is gluten free

  • 20. What is the maximum amount of time person should take Pure Garcinia Cambogia?

    You can safely continue the recommended intake of this product for six months.

  • 21. What is your product return policy?

    We understand your need for superior products from Pure Garcinia Cambogia and make it possible for arranging the same for you. If you still do not like the product we can arrange for a no-questions-asked 30-day return policy on opened-unopened bottles. Please read terms and conditions.