About us

The company CVM Enterprises Pvt Ltd is a trusted name in Health and committed to producing and supplying health supplements for people who want to lead a fit life. We have emerged as a growing company with a wide variety of health products that not only lend vitality to your life but also allow you to carry on your routine work with supreme ease.

Why us?

  • 1. Focus on quality

    Our health supplements are manufactured after rigorous testing to check for efficacy on a human body. The formulation derived for each and every product is safe to be consumed and is approved only after inputs from healthcare specialists.

  • 2. Transparency 

    In case there are some known counter-effects, we make it a point to let it be known clearly on our products. For instance, the Pure Garcinia product is widely acclaimed as a result-oriented weight loss supplement. However, it is clearly not advised for pregnant women for diabetics or high blood pressure patients. It is this attention to detail that gives our company the competitive edge and allows us to continue to make a meaningful impact on our esteemed customers™ lives.

  • 3. Customer-centric

    Our key USP is that we listen to the needs of our customers and strive to derive products that are completely safe for usage. The trust put by our customers on our products spur us to continue working towards a better life with superior quality health and beauty products.

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