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Longevity is defined as "long life" or "a great duration of life." The term comes from the Latin word longaevitās, longus (long) and aevum (age).

Lifespans have increased pretty dramatically over the last century or so, in large part due to advances in medicine that have nearly eliminated certain deadly infectious diseases.

India has seen an improvement in overall life expectancy at birth to 69 years, with women expected to live for 70.4 years and men for 67.8 years, according to the latest Sample Registration Survey (SRS) for 2013-17.

The new average life expectancy for Americans is 78.7 years, which puts the U.S. behind other developed nations and 1.5 years lower than the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) average life expectancy of 80.3.

It's very possible that humanity's true longevity might be much higher. Humans might live longer if they can create the ideal conditions of a healthy diet and exercise.

Factors that Determine Longevity.

The oldest verified man ever is Jiroemon Kimura (1897–2013) of Japan, who lived to the age of 116 years, 54 days. As of 20 November 2019, the oldest known living person is Kane Tanaka of Japan, aged 116 years, 322 days. The oldest known living man is Chitetsu Watanabe, also of Japan, aged 112 years, 260 days.

We may think that Japanese with their genes are living longer however, the fact is A healthy diet, regular physical activity, extended work years and aggressive government intervention has helped the Nagano region produce the longest life expectancy in Japan, which in turn is the longest in the world.

The truth is genetics account for a maximum of 30 percent of your life expectancy. The rest comes from your behaviors, attitudes, environment.

The following are tips to improve Longevity.

1. Diet

Reduce salt intake, Increase intake of fruits and vegetables in plates, less of processed and packaged foods can bring the required change to diet. Including a variety of herbs and spices can help in improving antioxidants. Cut down on sugar and fats rather than increase more colorful whole foods in meals. Avoid Ready to cook or easy fast food options or refrigerated foods. Eat fresh, slowly and mindfully.

2. Stay in shape

Extra weight puts you at risk for heart attack, diabetes, cancer and other diseases that can shave years off your life. Regular physical activity keeps your body strong and is the best insurance against disease and injury. Walking is the best form of activity which is cost-effective and could be done consistently.

3. Mental attitude and spirituality

Walk, meditate, talk to a friend or play music. Learn stress management, as it's one of the keys to disease prevention. at least maintain social connections by having close ties with friends and family. Such connections can help ward off depression, boost your body's immune system and help you live longer. Many large-scale studies show that people who regularly attend religious services live longer, happier and healthier lives.

4. A second career or postpone retirement

Most Japanese work post-retirement, maybe they feel healthy so they feel like working or they working that’s the reason for their better health. But it's certain that working makes you healthy by keeping you engaged and active.

5. Change with time

As time changes like technologies and seasons pollution one should try to adapt to change with a positive attitude, Do crosswords, learn a new language, take up a hobby, attend a lecture and figure out how to Twitter and Skype. All these things will keep your mind engaged.

6. Be a helping hand

You can be happier by helping someone in need and that’s the way to longevity.

7. Sleep Well

It found that people who sleep eight hours or more, or less than six and a half hours, don't live quite as long. When one sleeps body recovering happens, the detoxification process inside mind and body happens so Sleep well to live longer.

8. Regular medical check-ups

Many diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease can be treated or even prevented if caught early enough. In case of deficiencies take supplements like Vitamin D and Calcium can help improve longevity.

9. Travel and make memories

A new study has found that taking at least three
vacations in a year amidst your work schedule can increase longevity

10. Take a responsibility like a Pet or Planting

People who have pets are less lonely and depressed and also get more exercise, all of which can add years to their lives. People who do planting are mostly happy and keeps a connection with growing plants.



Author- Ms.Tripti Khanna

M.Sc. - Food and Nutrition, Post Graduate In Food Science And Nutrition

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