A Valuable Guide On Vitamin C

vitamin C Supplements

Vitamin C is one of the most vital nutrients for our body. It is the fundamental nutrient that maintains our skin, Hair, blood vessels, and bones. It is usually found in vegetables and fruits in natural form, and there are vitamin C supplements available too. As per the experts, vitamin C is considered to be the most effective and safest nutrient that is required by our body. It is a water-soluble vitamin that acts as an anti-oxidant and maintains the connective tissues of the body. It is also an organic compound that plays an essential role in various bodily functions such as producing collagen, neurotransmitters, and L-carnitine, and metabolizing protein to reduce the risk of harmful diseases.

How is Vitamin C Good For Everyone? (Benefits Of Vitamin C)

Vitamin C is gaining popularity due to the number of benefits associated with it. Some of them are explained below.

  • It offers protection against deficiencies with respect to the immune system, eye diseases, cardiovascular diseases, skin wrinkling, as well as prenatal health concerns.
  • Doctors prescribe vitamin C supplements to eliminate diseases causing bacterium from the stomach and thereby reduce the risk of gastric cancer.
  • Vitamin C is also recommended to treat the common cold and also serious respiratory concerns such as asthma.
  • This nutrient is also known to improve health-promoting effects that can further reduce oxidative damage in the body.
  • If there is a deficiency of vitamin C, one can be prone to health risks such as strokes, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis, cancer, and gallbladder diseases.
  • The nutrient is also helpful in reducing DNA cellular damage that can lead to the tumor as well.
  • This essential nutrient is ideal for good eye health, protection of overall health, and basically to live a longer and healthier life.

Dietary Sources of Vitamin C

Sources Of Vitamin C

There are a lot of fruits in which vitamin C is present naturally. Check out the below-mentioned list:

  • One Orange contains 51.1 mg of Vitamin C
  • One guava fruit will have 377 mg of vitamin C
  • One piece of kiwi will have 164 mg
  • One bowl of green peppers will have 120 mg
  • One cup of fresh parsley includes 79.8 mg
  • One bowl of Brussels sprouts will have 74.8 mg
  • One cup of mango includes 46.4 mg.

Other sources in which you can find vitamin C are cauliflower, grapefruit, pineapple, kale, papaya, broccoli, and orange. So, it is recommended that you incorporate these natural sources of an essential nutrient in your daily diet so that you lead a healthy life.

Vitamin C and How Important It Is As an Anti-oxidant

The role of antioxidants is to get away from the free radicals, and vitamin C does it all. This nutrient is considered to be a vital anti-oxidant that is important for an enhanced immunity system. It is known to protect from the sun radiation attacks, which when left unattended can lead to skin sagging, sunburn, skin spots and wrinkles, and the most threatening skin cancer.

The anti-oxidant properties of vitamin C also have positive effects on diseases like Alzheimer’s, dementia, and also fibromyalgia. In addition to this, this vitamin also has anti-degenerative properties that are good for eyes, skin, ears, kidneys, muscles, brain and even arteries.

Vitamin C For Skin and Hair

It is a well-known fact that vitamin C does wonders for your skin and hair. It helps the skin to improve with respect to wounds, burns, and injuries. It supports tissue growth as well. In addition to this, this nutrient is good to treat sunburns, skin discoloration, and to treat eczema as well. It is therefore included in a lot of skin lotions and skin cosmetics to offer improvement in skin texture, skin tone, and also complexion.

There are multiple benefits associated with vitamin C for hair as well. Basically, it offers thicker, stronger, and healthier hair. The anti-oxidant properties help in fighting dandruff and in preventing hair greying as well. Once can expect smooth, silky, and proper hair growth when their body has sufficient amount of vitamin C.

The Need For Vitamin C Supplements and Their Usage

Nowadays, we do not get enough nutrients from our daily meal or diet. Hence, we need to take supplements to fulfill the requirement. NutrineLife offers you Vitamin C tablets to fight the deficiency. They work great & offer innumerable health benefits. Just make sure you are taking the right amount of dosage every day as overdose is strictly prohibited. 

For instance, adult men are recommended 75 mg on average whereas adult women are recommended 75 mg. Furthermore, pregnant women are recommended 85 mg while children below 13 years of age are recommended 45 mg or less.

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