6 Diet and Lifestyle Tips for Healthy Skin


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Health is first observed through your skin and hair, a healthy glowing skin is a sign of great internal health. Skin is the largest organ of human body, but skin being the external part of body gets nourishment at the end, this is one of the reason that even if the diet is normal one may get skin pigmentation or acnes. There are several other reasons for skin that looks undernourished like insulin sensitivity, hormonal imbalance, less hemoglobin, deficiencies, lack of sleep, high stress and pollution etc.

One should needs to take care of overall health to get better glowing skin. The first step to analyze health for skin is to do blood work, check parameters like hemoglobin, vitamin and mineral levels. If suffering from pcos or hormonal imbalance check reports and start with suitable supplements suggested by dermatologist or nutritionist. However, supplements gives result; for excellent results healthy diet and lifestyle plays very crucial role.

Following are the main Points to take care for glowing younger skin:

  1. Eat Healthy Fats – Good Fats includes hidden fats of nuts and seeds, they are great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and minerals like selenium and zinc. The role of these good fats is to protect skin from damage, free radicals and dryness. Fats are essential for skin to make it moist and supple. The glow of skin increases with health fats like Desi ghee (clarified butter). The point to be noted here is avoid bad fats is equally important – these bad fats comes from processed foods, oily fried items, Chinese and spicy snack items
  2. Liver health foods – With high stress and lifestyle issue toxins in body increases which gives load to liver as Liver is the organ for detoxification. If exposure to pollution is high one must include liver detox foods in daily diet like beetroot, carrots, garlic, turmeric etc. this will help in removing toxins from body and give glow to skin.
  3. Hydrate enough – Hydration is most common fact that everyone knows about to have better skin, the problem is implementation. If one forgets to drink enough water and complains about constipation, the skin gets affected. When we are thirsty we feel dehydrated our throat pains or we get head ache so the same happens to skin as well, skin gets dry and patchy. Hence drinking 3 liters of water and some buttermilk in a day can help to get glowing skin.
  4. Eat antioxidants – Fruits and vegetables in daily diet are not only important for vitamins and minerals but also for dose of antioxidants. There are many known antioxidants which helps in reducing ageing effects of skin. For example Vitamin C that we get from citrus fruits can help in building collagen in skin which makes skin look young and elastic.
  5. Sleep well – Sleeping for 6 to 8 hours should not be ignored, if you observe under eyes dark circles it could be because of late night working on computer and lack of rest for eyes. Same can happen to overall skin as well, when we see patchiness or acne on skin it can be due to lack of recovery. When we sleep our body goes through regular wear and tear which involves regeneration of skin as well.
  6. Physical activity – Exercise can help in better blood circulation and muscle toning. When we sweat through physical activity we, also flush toxins through skin, it helps in normalizing temperature of the body. Muscle toning and weight training tightened the skin this makes skin look young and reduces wrinkle tendency.



By – Tripti Khanna


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